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RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 10-20-2017

I really have no thought in the rumours.I think we'll scrape past Genoa or Chievo or Sassulo win 1 draw 2 or win 1 draw 1 lose 1 and lose to Napoli and Juve with Montella , that will be us out of the running for 4th unless we go on a mega streak.A new coach now may get us past Sassuolo Genoa Chievo and draw against Juve Napoli , then it wont be so bad.
Prandelli Sousa Mazzari Petkovic ...none of them are a good choice for me.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-21-2017 Big Grin

Milan CEO Marco Fassone concedes former President Silvio Berlusconi still calls to offer criticism.
“He was at Milan for 30 years, so it’s impossible to ignore him.”
“Every now and then he calls me up and says what you know too: his criticism is always important, even if we don’t always agree with it.”

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 10-21-2017

Quote:Given the public disagreement between AC Milan's Mirabelli and their coach Montella, it is hardly a bold statement to claim that the former Fiorentina coach's days with the Rossoneri are numbered. In a such an event many names have been put forward to replace Montella such as Tuchel, Hiddink and Gattuso to Carlo Ancelotti.

However, can reveal that the name that is most likely to replace Montella is former Inter and Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri. The main reason for this is that Mazzarri is known for playing with a 3-man defence and produced great results with Napoli and Milan's squad is adapted to play Mazzarri's brand of efficient football.

Also, his rumored relationship with Fassone and Mirabelli, whom he knows well from their time at Inter, is far from strained. In fact can reveal that it is entirely the opposite.

3-4-3 incoming?  Probably the best option to finish out the season if/when Montella is sacked.

RE: Milan Management - DrDejan - 10-21-2017
“The objective was to stay within reach of fourth place for the first half of the season, settle down and then push for the Champions League zone in the later months. We’ve got room to recover, but cannot afford to get it wrong again.”

Interesting. It seems current results were expected, they are caught by surprise how well others are performing.

Well, Fassone, let me enlighten you about the difference between Milan and the top 4. Montella! That's why we perform at the same level as Chievo, Bologna, Sampdoria. He was, he is, and he'll be mid-table club coach.
If his preference for players like Kalinic, past seasons quality of play, and current results can't convince you about his ability, I'll need to question yours as an executive. If after three months you need to publicize/think about the risk management plan - selling players if we don't qualify for CL, than you did not do good job!

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 10-21-2017

Fassone to his credit has always been pretty transparent and consistent in his communication about the club's management. His regular comments about potentially selling players is in response to the constant speculation about the club's finances (Yonghong Li has constant doubts surrounding him).

Can't say I'm excited by any names mentioned as the potential Montella replacement. Petkovic and Hiddink (going off of his performance with as Chelsea caretaker) are probably the most appealing of those mentioned, though I don't see either being long term replacements and would be a stop gap solution. If we were talking Hiddink from 10 years ago, I'd be far more excited.

RE: Milan Management - Arildonardo - 10-22-2017

"Gattuso favorite for Milan job"

Must be a joke... Come on. No experience. Is it just to save money since we have given up on CL? Is "the project" over already?

RE: Milan Management - am I Milan enough? - 10-22-2017

Better call Nesta back than Gattuso, hes been doing quite well in the US (if not mistaken)

RE: Milan Management - Arildonardo - 10-22-2017

(10-22-2017, 09:49 AM)edysim Wrote: Better call Nesta back than Gattuso, hes been doing quite well in the US (if not mistaken)

In US 2nd division... He might be good, but I think we need someone with more experience from a top level.

RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 10-22-2017

Seems like theyve given up on this season.

Seriously though , isnt Gattuso doing not so great ? Im not that savvy to this Primavera and the players brought in.
I think (joking aside) he'd be an awful choice too aggressive a hot head and not the most tactically sound judging on his time at Sion , Palermo , Crete and his second season at Pisa.

RE: Milan Management - am I Milan enough? - 10-22-2017

(10-22-2017, 10:01 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: In US 2nd division... He might be good, but I think we need someone with more experience from a top level.

Oops I thought MLS Smile