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RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 10-06-2017

I dont see him settling for €5/€6m I think he'd at least want the what he's on which ranges from £6.5 -£7.5m deoending on where you look.He says he misses Italy , well he's quoted as saying it.But I honestly dont see him coming to Milan now or in summer.I think we'll see Montella fired after he loses 3 of the 4 games and someone rather underwhelming signed to a 1.5 year deal.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-06-2017

It would be nice to see one of them on our bench ,but at this point I'm prepared to settle even for Gattuso.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-06-2017

“I wanted [Cristian] Brocchi to stay on the bench, but I was in a hospital bed between life and death and they told me Montella.” - Berlusconi. Also interesting statement about montocrap Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 10-06-2017

Grande Presidente. Never short on the drama.

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 10-06-2017

Conte is a possibility at the end of the season. We will get Sarri only if Napoli lose out on the scudetto in a tragic manner. Such things can cause a team to disintegrate and people to look for a change. As of now, Montella should be given time till December, unless the results are really bad.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-06-2017

Well ,"bad results" are subjective category. We already have them. If he manage to lose merda game it will be 4 loss in 8 games. Half. Probably 8-9 points behind 4th spot in early october. And so far he showed nothing. He's here for almost year and a half. I agree there is a lot of new players...but...some are here longer than Montella. And we see those guys go on field without any motivation ,like empty vessels. For over a year he didn't fixed that. He wasn't able to provide some continuity in our games for over a year. One game good ,one acceptable ,two disaster..And cycle all over again...When is he going to? Next year? At worst case we should have "old" guys at 100% and "new" at 50-60%. But instead ,we have all at 30-40%...

RE: Milan Management - WCmilan - 10-06-2017

Berlusconi, in that same rant also seemed upset that Milan spent all this money and didn't buy one top player. Can't say I disagree, Kalinic was a huge waste of money. I'd have been happier if they signed nobody and tried again in January.

RE: Milan Management - reza - 10-06-2017

Spending all the money on one player wouldn't have helped, imagine having Mbappe but no Biglia so Montolivo would get starts

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-06-2017

I agree. Think they've done good job except Kalinic. As said above should wait for eventaully better option in january. Kept Bacca insted of signing Kalinic and go. Could loan him out in january too.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 10-06-2017

I disagree with Berlusconi on literally every point:

- buying 11 players is evidence of how much he and Galliani screwed up. It's not unprecedented either, City and PSG both had similar markets in their takeover. Part of the reason to do it now is also to minimise ffp risk.

- On not buying a top player, wtf is Bonucci!? I know with him struggling (in a team that's struggling) it's becoming fashionable to state he's overrated, but almost everyone flipped out when he signed and pretty much no one questioned his ability then. Biglia might not be a flashy name,  but he's been one of the best registas in italy, if not the best, in the last couple of years. We also know we were close to Aubameyang and would have him had it not been for Dortmund.

- His comment on Jack and Suso is up to the coach, but right now neither is playing well enough to be a guaranteed starter. I'm not for Montella constantly changing, but if they're to secure their places they need to step up.

- Bonucci getting the armband is down to the lack of leaders previously in the squad. That's on Silvio and Galliani and their choices.


- Brocchi in place of Montella!? Really? Brocchi might come good in the future he had some nice ideas, but it's a joke to suggest he's better than Montella right now

Berlusconi's comments make me relieved he's gone.