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RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 05-17-2017

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

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RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 05-17-2017

The new management has not seen one victory since taking over. Scared

RE: Milan Management - DUCO - 05-18-2017

Nice articall from guardian

RE: Milan Management - reza - 05-18-2017

Even if we have the right to pessimistic I really like the clarity:

These are the points addressed by Marco Fassone during the private interview, together with Mirabelli, with the shareholders during the shareholders' meeting.

About the budget. The first 2017/18 budget will still be a poor budget, Milan will return to see the light only in three years. The reasons are investment.

On the goals. The Rossoneri club wants to be competitive at the highest level. I and Mirabelli have been working for eight months to strengthen the team. In the meetings with the various clubs there was the greatest respect with Milan, which is increasingly appealing to all.

On revenues. Milan is pointing to the development of the Asian market and is working on Milan-China.

On the stadium. According to Fassone, with the capacity of Milan, the Rossoneri club can draw twice as much as Juventus. Within four years there is the will to solve the stadium problem, a stadium that according to us in Milan must have 55,000 / 60,000 seats.

On sales revenues. Milan is not in the lead in commercial revenue, but we restart and return to first.

On tournament revenues. It will be low again this year because Milan will go to China for two games in the event of Europa preliminaries.

On salaries. It is planned to return to higher salaries.

On the market. The will is to deliver to Montella 2/3 of the squad by the start of training, then in August possibly make other purchases.

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 05-18-2017

Quote:Milan CEO Marco Fassone spoke to shareholders, discussing transfers, budgets and the stadium.
The Rossoneri today approved a loss of €71.9m for the fiscal year 2016, and Fassone took questions from shareholders after the meeting.
It was confirmed that losses will also be made for the next financial year, and that the club will not return to profit for three years, according to MilanNews.
This is because the squad must be reinforced and sporting investments will be made.
The plan for this summer’s transfer market is to have two or three players available to Vincenzo Montella for the start of pre-season, before making further signings in August.
Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli assured they have been working for the past eight months to strengthen the team, and that the club is still hugely appealing.
The issue of the stadium is aimed to be solved in four years, with the Diavolo currently sharing San Siro with city rivals Inter.
The ideal was stated as a ground holding 55-60,000 people, though it’s not clear if this would be a new arena or a redeveloped San Siro.
Fassone believed that Milan could double the match day revenues of Juventus.
To increase revenue, the Rossoneri will look to grow their brand in China, and two friendlies will be played there this summer.
However, if Montella’s side qualify for the Europa League, there will likely only be one other friendly, so revenues from pre-season tours will be down.

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 05-18-2017

Fassone sounds like he knows what he's doing. I like the plan.

RE: Milan Management - nefremo - 05-18-2017

I am very happy with the comments from La Scala. We all know that he never holds back and was one of the very few people out there that had the balls to stand up to Galliani and Berlusconi and call their bullshit out. After today's meeting, he has come out to say that there is a lot of clarity and transparency. He also didn't hold back and took a couple of shots at Galliani, saying that the new management's ideas and leadership has not been seen for years. He also said that Fassone has a very clear and honest vision, tells things how they are without teasing anyone (another shot at Galliani). Also, he mentioned that Fassone talked about the type of investment that we have not seen in years....AND, listen to this.....significant investment and therefore deficit, however one that is for strengthening the club and not "unaccountable agents" (ANOTHER shot at Galliani).

There is another piece on Donnarumma, saying that Milan will do everything they can to keep him, explaining that Donnarumma is central to the project and a symbol here, but there is an ethical code on wages, especially ones given to 18 year olds (which I agree with). So this to me means that Milan is going to make Gigio the face of this new Milan, but they are not going to allow Raiola to demans extravagant 5/6/7mil per year wages for him and keep the club hostage. (I agree with every single word of that).

Here is the article on milannews for those interested...

RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 05-18-2017

Very encouraging signs. Hopefully we have a bright future.

RE: Milan Management - porcho - 05-19-2017

This is sounding very good! SOme very good words from Fassone and some very good plans.
Happy to hear we're still looking at a stadium of our own and soon.
And very happy to hear that they're not scared of investing to grow the club even if they see no immediate commercial gain.
Very encouraging signs.
Plus Happy to make Gigio the face of Milan. Hopefully he stays till he retires at 41-42 years old... I still dream of Bringing back Maldini though. Hopefully with a year or two of seeing these owners doing well, they can talk him into coming back

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 05-19-2017

Quote:“This morning I had the pleasure of spending time with our shareholders and it was wonderful to share with them our projects and hunger.
“We made clear two key themes: the investments we will make for the football sector will be important, because the team needs to be reinforced and we must try to be competitive.
“The reverberation of this action on the balance-sheet is that over the next few years we won’t have exceptional financial health precisely because we’ll be spending these huge sums.
“The desire of the new investors is to be strong on the field and healthy on an economic level, which is not so easy to do in Italy. We hope within three years to reach this target.
“We still have ahead of us a year of economic sacrifice, in other words another negative balance sheet, which we hope can however bring immediate results.
“Over the last year, we have analysed a drop in the wage bill, tied also to a drop in results. We have the sensation that, by adding players of a certain level and cost, this will raise the wage bill in future years.
“I however assured the shareholders that there will be a limit that will be clear to everyone and kept under control. We know how UEFA check revenue and expect certain percentages.”
Fassone also spoke about the possible plans to revamp San Siro along with Inter.
“The plan and intention of the club is to evaluate a structural modification, something we already hinted to the Mayor of Milan in our meeting 10 days ago.
“In the meantime, there’s nothing to say that San Siro can’t be better developed over the next few years. The first step is to raise the average number of fans attending and bring our supporters back to San Siro. It would be an advantage both on a sporting and economic level.”