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RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 05-09-2017

This is interesting..

Quote:The Corriere dello Sport claims Milan want Roberto Mancini for next season, while Vincenzo Montella is heading to Roma and Luciano Spalletti to Inter.

RE: Milan Management - reza - 05-09-2017

Might as well go with Gasperini

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 05-09-2017

He's got em playing some good football.

The crazy thing is I can actually see that scenario playing out. Only in Italian football eh?

RE: Milan Management - porcho - 05-09-2017

Please no!!!! I don't want him. Would rather anyone else... Maybe try convince Pellegrini to leave China, Prandelli, Ranieri, literally anyone other then Mancini

Plus, I call bullshit... If Inter are getting anyone, It will likely be Simeone...
Roma getting Montella is plausible, but can't really see us signing Mancini.

RE: Milan Management - reza - 05-09-2017

Pity Bielsa is not available Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 05-09-2017

Why not maradona if we want to sign mancini. Maybe he can start scoring for us to. And galliani will suddenly come out and say we finally have maradona.

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RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 05-09-2017

We should take Zeman.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 05-09-2017

Somehow, I think I'm in disagreement with almost every name here from the last 24 hours Big Grin

Mancini: Said my piece on him already, absolutely no!
Gasperini: Possibly theĀ one I'd mind the least of those listed, he's a fantastic tactician, but is he a coach for the highest level?
Pellegrini: The one I like most alongside Gasperini, underrated but I doubt he'd really be available
Ranieri: I love what he did for Leicester last season, but simply put he's not a top club coach
Prandelli: He's fine as a coach, but he's been out of the loop at top level club football for a while and see no reason why he'd offer significantly more than Montella
Bielsa: Great if the season was from September to December, but his teams will suffer burnout
Zeman: A great coach but far too radical and doesn't think about defence, there's a reason he's never been a coach that wins at the top

Simply put.....No Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - porcho - 05-09-2017

Don't get me wrong. I suggested three on your list as alternatives to Mancini, not alternative's to Montella... There is none on that list that I would take over Montella currently.
Not because I think he's better, but because I don't see the merit in getting rid of another coach and having to start yet again, just to get a coach that's not that much better.
Now if Montella was to leave because he's not happy. Different story. There's only one in that list that I would want. Pellegrini, and I doubt we'd be able to convince him to leave China.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 05-10-2017

lol, fair enough Porcho, I did understand that was your point, just found it kind of funny that none of the names mentioned appealed to me Big Grin