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RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 04-26-2017

so panucci for the team manager role, what do you guys think about that?? i think the role not suitable for him.

RE: Milan Management - porcho - 04-27-2017

Not sure about that one. I like the bloke but I suppose we'll see how he does.

RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 04-27-2017

The bloke who play for inter and juve??

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RE: Milan Management - porcho - 04-27-2017

played for aGenoa us inter roma and parma...

RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 04-27-2017

Christian Panucci? I remember that he left Milan on a sour note.

Didn't even know that he has any managerial experience (apparently I was wrong).

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 04-27-2017

I don't think there's much truth to Panucci coming in. It wouldn't make sense unless he's got a very well developed relationship with Montella (which may be the case). I actually think he was a great player, one who I felt disappointed to see leaving the club, but I don't see why he'd emerge as a candidate for this sort of role.

RE: Milan Management - Ace - 04-27-2017

What is the role of team manager?

RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 04-28-2017

what maldini wanted to become when we still had galliani. and galliani said that position is not needed anymore in modern football world.
the question now, will maldini be back to us if the owners started talking to him again? i doubt the owners want to talk with maldini though.
i think the 1 who should be a team manager from our past history should be seedorf or leonardo.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 04-28-2017

One of the rare ocasions when I must agree with Galliani Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 04-29-2017

What Maldini wanted to become (or rather what Leonardo wanted for him) when Galliani was in charge was sporting director, which Galliani believed there was no need for (which in reality is completely BS when you look at the structures of top clubs around the world).

The team manager role seems to be one where someone pretty much acts as a go between for the coaching/playing staff and the management. Beyond taking care of day to day duties for the team, such as their welfare, travel and accomodation and fairly routine tasks, the team manager doesn't appear to be someone who would actually have much control or power on any decision making.

As for Maldini, don't expect him to change his mind or return anytime soon. His discussion about a possible role with the new ownership was with Fassone. That would still be the same point of contact if he were to start negotiating. Secondly, his concern was what his role would be with Mirabelli involved, which would remain as a concern for him. Finally, he wanted to communicate directly with the owners, which while they have been revealed (for the most part I guess), it's unlikely he would have direct contact with Yonghong Li or possibly even Han Li.

He stated a couple of times that he has some doubts about the new ownership too, which won't have been alleviated with the announcement that Milan was brought with Elliot Capital. If anything, that is only more cause for concern.