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RE: Milan Management - Mystik - 02-05-2015

Quote:Adriano Galliani says Milan’s busy transfer window was down to the high number of injuries which have befallen the squad.

The Rossoneri today presented Salvatore Bocchetti, Mattia Destro, Gabriel Palletta, Suso and Luca Antonelli to fans and media, and the joint-CEO says transfer business was a necessity.

“All five players were really wanted by the club,” Galliani told journalists.

“We also wanted these players because of the injuries we have. We had no injuries until December and on December 14 we had the same points as Napoli, third place was just two points away.

“Then what happened, happened. On Saturday against Juventus we go into the game with 10 or 11 injured, and two suspended. Everything started with [defeat to] Sassuolo.

“On Saturday night in Turin we’ll have youth players on the bench, we have long-term injuries, and the market strategy was also down to that.”

Galliani would not, however, make a prediction about Saturday’s game.

“I don’t make predictions. I only talk about things that have happened so far.

“We’ve won more than them in international competition, they’ve won the most in Italy. They’re happy, we’re happy, and everyone lived happily ever after…”

lmao Galliani forever the historian. We have more international titles than they do so we'll live happily ever after. #fineasweare

RE: Milan Management - reza - 02-05-2015

Someone fire this embarrassment

RE: Milan Management - honsano - 02-08-2015

Team is just getting worse and worse. If we don't see big heads roll this off season and new management come in then I'm worried about what next year will be!

2010/11 - 82
2011/12 - 80
2012/13 - 72
2013/14 - 57
2014/15 - currently 29 (projected about 50)

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 02-08-2015

Galliani's crusade about the Tevez offside is a complete embarrassment and really is a poor image for the club. The so called controversial image might not even be wrong given the angle and depth perception. If it was offside, which I think might not be the case, then it was marginal and a fair mistake.

Galliani is clearly using this tactic to deflect attention from the real issues at hand, such as his man Inzaghi desperately struggling at his job and especially his own poor work in developing this squad.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 02-08-2015

Well, neither Juve and Milan are covering themselves in glory at this moment, from Juve's response to Galliani and Milan's response in calling Juve arrogant. Both clubs have embarrassed themselves and their fans.

This whole farce is just pathetic Facepalm

RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 02-09-2015

I just saw that on a Chinese site too. What a disgrace, what a farce for both clubs. Facepalm

RE: Milan Management - Arildonardo - 02-09-2015

Galliani making a fool of himself for an offside-decision that might have even been correct. Embarrassing.

When we were the best team in Italy, Europe and the World and got all kinds of decisions in our favour you never heard him complain. He needs to adapt to being in charge of a mid-table club, even that or try to fix the real problems.


RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 02-09-2015

Thing is, if this was like the Muntari ghost goal of a few years back, it's another matter, but this is just a sad attempt to make Milan more relevant then it is right now. There's a good piece by Susy Campanale on Football Italia about it if anyone's interested.

Anyway, sounds like not all at the top in Milan agree with Galliani's outburst:

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 02-09-2015

The press are attacking and calling out his tactics of deflecting attention from the poor quality of Milan on Saturday by creating unnecessary controversy:

Good on them imo. I don't want to be fed excuses by the pigeon trying to cover his mess.

RE: Milan Management - nefremo - 02-09-2015

This think backfired on him big time. He thought he was going to create a big media story about the replays but in turn he created a story of how much of an idiot he is.
Even his biggest fans have come out and criticized this and I'm glad that's happening.