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RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 06-03-2016

(06-03-2016, 07:03 AM)edysim Wrote: He forgot our youth academy is even nowhere near Atalanta youth, etc. Donnaruma is one after like 10-15 yrs

That's not necessarily true anymore. Our youth academy is actually one of the strongest in Italy right now and there's a focus on integrating talented youngsters under the age of 14. 

It's one of the few areas in the club that actually is doing pretty well and if they continue the project will only get stronger. If anything, I'd like even more invested in youth development.

However, it's all about patience and giving room for the youngsters to grow, as much as we'd like every young talent coming through to breakthrough like Donnarumma, it's rare to see that happen. We've been burned with our lack of patience before with Darmian and Aubameyang already, we should take these examples as a learning experience.

I'm not convinced by Berlusconi's ItalMilan, I think investment is needed for the team to grow, but we need to invest smartly to focus on bringing quality and leadership to compliment the talents we have coming through.

Against Juve, 3 of our best performers were out youth players, Calabria, DES and Donnarumma. We have talent coming through, we need to support them in the correct way for them to reach their potential.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 06-03-2016

(06-02-2016, 04:26 PM)reza Wrote: It's always interesting to read how attachment to a club also translates to attachment to an owner. I am always a bit surprised to see the two being considered the same almost. Of course a player respects an owner, not saying he shouldn't but lines like

"I think it’s absurd to talk about new owners"

are silly, whether Maldini says it or some nobody like me says it. This is a sort of 'conservatism' that holds back progress within football, Italian football a bit more than other countries.

I interpreted the comment differently if I'm honest. I understood it to mean that it's pointless to talk about new owners and specifically him being involved in the new management because there's been talk of Silvio selling for years now and nothing's changed. I'm confident he's answering a question about him being involved in the management under new owners, because the comment you reference is preceded by this:

"If I can come back to the club with a new management?"

He also acknowledges that the sale with the Chinese is realistic, saying how he thinks foreign investment is the way calcio is headed:

“The effect the Chinese would make at Milan? It would be the end of an era to have Milan owned by Chinese investors, but it’s a modern world we need to get accustomed to. It happened in the most important Leagues in Europe and consequently will happen in Italy."

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 06-04-2016

Fiorentina want Rui Costa. I think this is a signing that we must be making as Benfica fans have been very pleased with what Rui has done there so far.

RE: Milan Management - silvio - 06-04-2016

Sousa and Rui

Taking the legends back into the club

This will be beneficial for serie a

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 06-04-2016

I'm pretty sure Sousa has no past affiliation with Fiorentina prior to becoming coach there, but it's nice to see them interested in Rui Costa. Not to say I think he'll leave Benfica for them, but it shows they understand the value of bringing back people who made history with them and are valued assets within the club. The guy's a proven success at Benfica, so clearly qualified.

Everyone knows this is a problem in Milan, we have some incredible people that could really benefit the club, yet the morons in charge never cease to amaze anyone as not only do they shut them out, they outright insult them. Hell, even the few that were kept on have been burned and treated like garbage.

The thing is, we could have so much potential. If it was me, I'd be looking at Maldini as sporting director, basically taking over from Galliani in overseeing the sporting project. His role would be one of technical development and developing the culture and philosophy to support the coaching and playing staff, helping the development of youth into the first team squad and developing the sporting project at Milan. We need someone with a strong understanding of the sport in this role.

I think we made a huge mistake in our treatment of Leonardo, he should have been groomed as Braida's successor to effectively head up some of the scouting and negotiating. His role would be one of supporting Maldini in the Sporting Directors role and supporting in the dealings for major transfers within the club, while overseeing scouting within the club and developing the department. His work at Milan was huge in the 2000's and what he did at PSG, even if at time dubious, was overall very successful. The dominance of the side we've seen since they were brought out was a result of his work, not just domestically, but also in terms of competitiveness. Since he left, they've sort of stagnated, dominating domestically but not improving results in CL.

I'd also bring in Albertini in a administrative management role, similar to what Gandini has been doing, given his success within the FIGC and diplomacy in maintaining relationships with governing bodies (i.e. FIGC and UEFA). Again, I think Albertini's role would be to work with Maldini, but his role would be different, taking on more responsibilities in ensuring the club is run in the most efficient and effective way.

Gandini may be a useful person to keep around given his influence within the European Club Association, but his role would have to be changed to work with his strengths, given the guy's made far too many mistakes over recent years, whether it be mistakes when submitting CL squads or his terrible PR with the Milan NYC fan club.

I'd also say we'd need to add another person to this team. One whose role is to act in the market and deal with player contracts. You'd think that this perhaps fits with the job description that I've suggested for Maldini and Leonardo, but I think it would be of greater benefit to split the role in specialised fields, as it would allow the others to focus in their respective duties while getting someone whose got a specialist skill set for the role. Perhaps names like Rui Costa and Monchi would suitably fit this role.

I'd also consider roles for certain individuals too, like Baresi, Tassotti and Costacurta. I'm not sure precisely what roles and I'm not sure if it would be as large as the names above, but it seems a waste of an opportunity not to try and work it out.

I would also say try to get more people involved on lesser roles, like ambassadorial roles. We have so many people who would be great for PR, and while they wouldn't be employed by the club per se, we could reach out and see if they could be involved for specific causes. Milan Glorie is a great example. I'd say why not go a step further and ask people within the history to come and be involved. For example, Sacchi in the last year gave a seminar to all the coaching staff on his ideas on the sport, which I thought was great. Asking these guys to come in as guests to give their thoughts would pass on ideas to the new generations, whilst emphasizing the value of what brought successes to the club in the past. Again, we don't have to employ everyone from the past, that's impossible, but getting them involved would heighten the sense of attachment and the value of the colours of the shirt.

Anyway, here's a link about the Maldini - Silvio feud:

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 06-12-2016

It looks like the latest on the sale is that if the Chinese buy Milan, Galliani will remain operational manager for the moment at least. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why there's suddenly Giampaolo back at the top of the list for the new coach role.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 06-20-2016

Lots of rumours that along with Saponara and Paredes of Empoli possibly coming, their director of sport, Marcello Carli, could also be coming. His work at Empoli has been impressive.

RE: Milan Management - reza - 07-06-2016

Nicholas Gancikoff to be named as new Chief Executive Officer, Adriano Galliani will be executive vice president for now.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 07-06-2016

Here's the article with the details:

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 07-07-2016

We are leading in something at least.