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RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 04-16-2016

Things are gathering pace Bloomberg Forbes and other reputable sources talking.Not just GDS CDS TuttoWANK Calciomercato etc... Galioto speaking

Here are the important words reported by Sal Galatioto to GdS: 
'' I think my real strength is to have a well-trained team. We consolidated this team thanks to a series of successful operations over time. 
Our goal is not only to make profit but to make a serious project that lasts over time and make the fans happy. 
We want a club to become competitive not only from a point of view financial but also sporty. 
it's why after all these years still motivates me in my work. 
Milan is first of all a very important club and if he were not even we would move. 
Milan is a beautiful city and the Milan brand is fantastic. 
For obvious reasons you will understand that I can not say who the Chinese group interested, but I assure you it is very ambitious and is very much interested in the club. 
Of the project is composed of high-level entrepreneurs, we have projects and interesting ideas, but first we have to close the 'operation. 
I would say that if things go the right way we can do it in 6-8 weeks. 
A former student of mine who works in Milan is making me as a consultant. 
We are well on track but in these cases it is better not to say too much. 
The cheese is a sport that I like but I admit to not being a great expert. 
However regardless of everything that motivates me the most is to win and I believe that such an operation can bring great success to the club. 
In some ways it reminds me of the passage of the Warriors' ownership (now the NBA's rulers, ed). To this day I get emails from fans of the Golden State thanks. 
The Milan fans are doing the same thing, clogging up my inbox with messages of encouragement. 
It is a nice touch the passion of the [b]fans. ''

[b]sweet lord dont leave us mocking this isn a years time.[/b]

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 04-16-2016

Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet. I agree that some reputable sources are talking, but I think it's also unsurprising given an American mediator is involved. Speaking of which, I saw a comment Silvio may be more open to this as the guy is Italian-American, but bear in mind that Galatioto is a mediator in this deal. If it goes through, ownership will be with a Chinese group.

At this point I'm also hesitant because all the noise is from the side of those interested in buying, not Fininvest or Silvio. The silence may be a good sign, but let's see.

On the positive side, with Galatioto confirming they want to conclude the deal within 6-8 weeks, at least we shouldn't see this drag like the Bee deal.

RE: Milan Management - devoted_dm - 04-16-2016

It's all starting to become very interesting. There is talk that Brocchi was hired for 2 months because it will make it easier for the new owners to hire the coach they want this summer. Makes sense. And nobody's denying anything about the rumours in the media. I still don't believe it until it's official though, because I can definitely see B having a last-minute change of heart.

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RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 05-04-2016

A take on Sassulo and Milan's managements.

RE: Milan Management - am I Milan enough? - 05-04-2016

Interested parties may have plenty of monies and say whatever they want, but its all down to one guy, Silvio Berlusconi.. Hope he lets go.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 05-04-2016

Nice article, mostly focused on Sassuolo and probably rightly so.

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 05-18-2016

There are people who think that Galliani is doing a good job. To those I want to send this article to show what a real director does

RE: Milan Management - am I Milan enough? - 05-18-2016

Haha Galliani?! I can even do better scouting than him with a set of laptop and pre-installed latest version of FM.

RE: Milan Management - nefremo - 05-18-2016

Great read somedevil. Thanks.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 05-18-2016

Great article, really articulates some of the key factors on building a successful team with good use of scouting and smart management. There's a lot we could take from what is a fundamentally simple idea, although I would tweak how we then build (i.e. build to buy and keep rather than buy and sell like Sevilla).