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RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 03-10-2016

Does anyone disagree with this theory , my theory ?

End of the season Miha is canned , most likely for not making the Champions League with a 90m spend last summer (like thats all it takes) we'll see some signings be it cheap free or loans without hiring a new coach.Which is pointless as said coach had no input , then it will be Brocchi a typical yes man.
Bacca will be sold for anywhere from 25 to 30 million (at 30 no team will pay the ridiculous 60m some have wrote about in papers) Pavoletti or possibly Pelle will be brought in.Luiz Adriano will be sold to China or Russia for 15 million , SES will go to Roma for 13 million Alex Zapata Montolivo WILL be renewed.We'll see 30 to 40 million bids for Romagnoli and Milan will legit refuse for awhile , then he'll be sold for 40 million near the end of the window a replecement we'll get either a freebie or someone cheap.Lopez will be sold or released , Menez will be sold for around 15 million.

We'll see Mexes leave for free
Bacca 30 million
Luiz Adriano 15 million
Romagnoli 35+ million
Menez 15 million
SES 13 Million...over 100 million in

Pavoletti or Pelle for 8 to 10 million
Balotelli redeamed or loan extended
A Cheap CB brought in
Suso brought back
Matri will come back but probably moved on

There will be months of talk about players like , Mammana Tonelli Maksimovic Witsel Boufal Benzema some Real and Chelsea players some City players due to new managers and thinking theyll have a clear out...Ibra talk , endless Ibra talk.Berardi talk .Boateng will be kept on , and the season will be a shambles , with Brocchi's head on the block all saeson.Then at Xmas when the season is well lost , lies about Bee will pop up again.

Ofcourse this is like a worst case scenario , but with Milan set to make under 200m and have a massive loss with no UCL , I see it as a possibility.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-10-2016

That's how I see things ,too. I also would not exclude possibility of selling Donnaruma . And yes , replacement for Romagnoli will be Izzo from the team with largest number of world class players - Genoa.
And also we booked that briliant back from Argentina - i think his name is Vangioni ,but not sure . Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - Stitch - 03-10-2016

They just need to fire inter's bitch spy from our bench and the sun will rise again Smile

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-10-2016

We had a lot of that kind of spies in the past. Pirlo ,Seedorf ,Ibrahimovic...they bring us nothing but destruction and disgrace.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 03-10-2016

Jay the concerns aren't without basis. Probably not that precise scenario, but the result could be similar with fans left with the same disappointment.

I'm pretty much 60/40 for the coming summer. 60% likely that I will be really quite disappointed by more bizarre stupidity from the management, 40% likely I'll feel they've done a satisfactory job. I want to see if last summer really was the start of a project I guess.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-10-2016

Which project? One where everybody in the world ,ours and pegasus galaxy saw that we don't have midfield ,that we have a lot of issues and all what we have done was bringing Boateng in in january? Please... IF Berlusconi knew that he isn't going to finnish deal with Bee, he wouldn't spent even those 90 milions . And in january they said "we have competitive team" and all good all fine. All people in the world which see that this isn't truth are retarded ,but Galliani and Berlu are right. And when we ask them at the end of season "How we didn't reach our CL goal for this season with "competitive team" - they'll say - "guilt is on incompetent coach ,we provided world class players ,we've done our part of job" . And like that for 6 years now.

RE: Milan Management - Stitch - 03-10-2016

indeed, each of them can be quoted on this:

he is obviously not a man of his word

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-10-2016

True man have no problem to admit his mistakes from past and to correct them.

RE: Milan Management - Stitch - 03-10-2016

Mistakes? Because he suddenly felt it was a mistake to proclaim his love for our greatest rival, a club that he used to play for and a club he used to coach?

Nah, he just sold his beliefs for Berlu money. True bitch, that he is.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-10-2016

Yeap ,mistakes. Mistake is to ,as you said "proclaim love" in the way he did in that intewiev.
This second "constatation" isn't valid becuse he had better (salary) ofer when he decided to take job in Milan. I understand that you're frustrated ,but keep calm and stop spreading hate here. There is few more ways ,civilised ways ,ways which are in spirit of humankind ,ways of basic culture to express your dissaproval of something or somebody. Reading words you use ,it's really poor. And yeah ,people are surprised why people from "west" look at us on Balkan like some kind of "savages" . Cause of people like you ,full of hate and bad words. Maybe this is offtopic ,but i'm telling you this for your own good. It is not difficult to be a human. Give it a chance and try.