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RE: Milan Management - am I Milan enough? - 03-08-2016

Really?? Just when I started to feel optimistic about our team because of the coach! Shame on you Berlu!

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RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 03-08-2016

Like Miha dislike Miha or LOATHE him (STICH Smile ) it shows a bigger issue , an issue we all knew already.The issue is as long as Berlusconi is here as the majority or sole owner this club will NOT go forward , this club will NOT be of any significance , this club will NOT have any success.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-08-2016

Yeap,we're entering another season with "great plans to start from zero and make "great" Milan" . Which serious coach will take Milan after this ? One who likes that Berlu do his job? Yeah,right. We're going to get Brocci or this Sasuolo guy who's going to be Berlu's marionette,who will speak how "Crapotelli and Boateng are great players" , how "our best reinforcement next season will be if we succes to extend contracts for montolivo and honda" , who will speak how "Izzo and Pavoleti are all that Milan needs to be Europe champion again" and so on and so on. Great perspective , great future . Forza Berlu ,forza Galiani !!!

RE: Milan Management - Nalx - 03-08-2016

For now it's just a rumour but I won't be surprised if it happens this summer. After all it's Berlusconi we're talking about. Why trying to make sense of it?

RE: Milan Management - honsano - 03-08-2016

Just embarrassing for the organization. Berlu used to pull this crap without problems because we were a great side. No more. Sad day to be a Milanista.

RE: Milan Management - ACM1899 - 03-08-2016

Miha staying. Football italia report.

RE: Milan Management - Stitch - 03-08-2016

But suspended for next game? Hey, its a start

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 03-08-2016

Honestly wouldn't shock me if Miha's going, even despite his comments. He could have said what he did for multiple reasons, maybe he's telling the truth, but I think if he doesn't get 3rd, Silvio's ready to sack him regardless. I would also understand Silvio's decision to some degree if he did as he wants us to play a different brand of football. Not to say I'd agree with that decision given I said I think it's stupid to sack Miha and still feel that way, I think Miha's actually done really well this season and if he was to leave, he'll have my respect for his work here.

The alternatives are interesting. The three coaches currently in discussion are Di Francesco, Sarri and Donadoni.

On Di Francesco, I think he's a very proactive and intelligent coach. His work with Sassuolo's been excellent, with my only real concern being if he can coach at the very top right now and have the consistency expected at a club like Milan. I like his style of football, he's good with young players and we'd potentially get Berardi if rumours are true.

On Sarri, seeing as I've wanted him on our bench since last summer it probably comes as no surprise that if he's available, I'd want him on the bench. I think it's crazy that he's in question at Napoli right now, given he's taken them from a side that was pretty much nothing more than a EL positioning side to seriously challenging a record setting Juve for the title. They should be offering pretty much anything to secure his services. Imo, he's the best coach in Italy right now.

On Donadoni, he's another I'd actually welcome. I've written a few posts about him recently and always admired him as a coach. I like how he has his teams play, but mostly I like the man himself, I think he'd bring back a lot of the class and values that many of us respected the club for in the past.

Honestly, if Miha leaves, I'd be happy with all of these choices. However, whoever comes in must have the absolute support of the management and the players. It's been unfair for our coaches recently, possibly with Inzaghi being the exception in that none of them really had the support they needed in the club.

I'm somewhat hopeful with many of the rumours today, the players being linked (see my mercato post) and the coaches being linked (despite I think Miha deserves a chance) actually are the right sort of people we should be looking at. However, I'm also pretty sure that it's all rubbish, with the likelihood probably being Brocchi on the bench, with Romagnoli and Bacca sold and an expectation of CL qualification.

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 03-09-2016

Just to follow up my last post, Gazzetta's put out an article about the possible managerial changes this summer

RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 03-09-2016

I wonder how they calculated that percentage. 30% for Mihajlovic staying at Milan next season. Sad

By the way, I read a hilarious rumor the other day that Real Madrid wants Mancini as their coach. Icon_lol2 Actually I probably can be their head coach. All I need to do is to sit there and listen to what the president says about the lineup, and wait for half a season to get fired, and enjoy a nice severance package. Icon_lol2