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RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-21-2018

A phone contact has taken place between Leonardo and Gattuso a short while ago, according to Sky

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-21-2018

Gattuso had a meeting with Milan president Paolo Scaroni at Casa Milan today [Sky]

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-21-2018

Michele Uva has emerged as a candidate for a role in the new Milan management, possibly as a CEO or a general director [Sky]

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-21-2018

Il Tempo reporter Alessandro Austini (very close to Roma):

“Not today, but @UmbertoGandini will return to Milan”

RE: Milan Management - ZvonimirBoban - 07-21-2018

(07-21-2018, 01:57 PM)Raffa_Rossoneri Wrote: By the way, is there something like a whatsapp group for the Milanmania freaks? Would be easier for me during the matches than the forumWink

Hey, that's good idea Okmilan

RE: Milan Management - Raffa_Rossoneri - 07-21-2018

(07-21-2018, 04:16 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote: Hey, that's good idea Okmilan

If you send me your number, i will start obe... please woth country code.... but direct message me so not the whole world will know our numbers

RE: Milan Management - reza - 07-21-2018

Quote:Paolo Scaroni is set to operate as Milan president and the interim CEO role, the latter position, however, will not be so short; the already identified new CEO Ivan Gazidis will arrive after few weeks (by September at the latest) as he still has to end his contract with Arsenal.

Leonardo's arrival at Milan will be announced next week, he will take care of the sporting area. Mirabelli will most likely not remain and will seek an agreement to leave the club.

Milan will make contacts with UEFA on Monday to know the timing of the 'proportionate sanction' requested by the TAS for FFP breach. The expected sanction is a fine, with a part frozen, conditioned to compliance with parameters in the coming years.
This is why Financial Fair Play appears in every statement of the new ownership: it will be the compass that will guide the transfer market. It does not mean there will be no signings, but each acquisition must therefore be compensated by the sales

[Corriere della Sera]

Thanks to @milaneye for translation

We are still in for years of 'transition'. Gazidis is a very good money man, can see that from his time at Arsenal. We must balance signings, I wonder if B&G's last years at least left one good legacy of good primavera players that can be sold for few millions to smaller teams (kind of like Inter are doing now) so there is some income for signings.

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-21-2018

Sounds good

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-22-2018

Michele Uva appreciates being sought out by Milan to become a director in the club but he seems intended to continue his career in UEFA [Sky]

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 07-23-2018

New contact is expected today between Elliott representatives and Umberto Gandini. He is one of the primary names for the CEO role [@AntoVitiello]