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RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - reza - 05-26-2019

Stay tuned for a couple of site polls about player changes coming up, hope you all vote Smile

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - AC_Troy - 05-26-2019

(05-26-2019, 09:46 PM)reza Wrote: Stay tuned for a couple of site polls about player changes coming up, hope you all vote Smile

Looking forward to it

Will there be a multiple option so I can select half the squad?

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - artand - 05-26-2019

if you have to rely on other teams, than this is it. before the derby we were 3rd focking 3rd.

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - artand - 05-26-2019

the first thing i want to read tomorrow is : Gattuso sacked!

SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - Karl08 - 05-26-2019

Suso - a winger that got outpaced by a big muscle SPAL centerback
Suso - useless as hell, better trade slowso with someone like usain bolt
Suso - afraid of a fucking longball, hiding and squirming from SPAL second goals
Suso - and this guy asked for 6 millions? Fuck is wrong with him!!!

Oh well, unwinding finishedDevilol

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - nefremo - 05-26-2019

Got the following from red&black:
Cagliari 1-1 Milan
Empoli 1-1 Milan
Milan 0-0 Torino
Bologna 0-0 Milan
Milan 0-1 Fiorentina
Frosinone 0-0 Milan
Sampdoria 1-0 Milan
Milan 1-1 Udinese
Parma 1-1 Milan
Torino 2-0 Milan

You can not drop that many points against those teams and expect much. We were lucky to have a chance on the last day in all honesty. Simple fact is, the players just aren't good enough and neither is Gattuso. The sad part is that we now won't have the ability to improve on the players anyway. CL was (and is) the shortcut to getting better players sooner. Instead, we have to scratch the barrel again after the top sides pick their talent this summer. We will get the leftovers again, and those will again only be good enough for a fight for 4th.

I am so disgusted by these players and by Gattuso.

Another year zero, another year where the only thing we get to look forward to is the possibility of a top 4 finish.

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - artand - 05-26-2019


you forgot Lazio - Milan 1:1 conceded in the 94 min, with three subs unused by Master of tactics

SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - Karl08 - 05-26-2019

The only player that has UCL class is bakayoko, and now leaving us just because we don't reach top 4

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - honsano - 05-26-2019

I was a big Kessie fan but this game finally broke me. He scares me with his PKs and he mind farts so much defensively. 

Handanovich shows why we need to keep Donna. GK save so many points. It's hard to account for these things. As long as you don't make Donna play with his feet, he is class.

Wil be an interesting summer.

RE: SPAL vs. Milan 5/26/19 - nefremo - 05-26-2019

True. I just copy/pasted that from Red & Black Forum. You are right though. But at the same time, you could say, OK....tied Lazio away, subs or no subs, it can happen.
It can also happen that you drop points against lower league table teams every now and then. It's the way it works. But we didn't just drop points now and was constant. Just look at those team. Empoli, Frosinone, Cagliari, Parma, Bologna.....That is ridiculous.

But it is what it is. I am so disappointed. And worst of all is, what the fuck is there to look forward to next season?! That's why I was least go ALL OUT for Sarri. least we'll be entertained when we watch Milan instead of doing this bullshit. We play like shit AND we don't get results. Might as well play exciting football then and who cares about the results.

I am afraid they will hire someone like Inzaghi or De Zerbi. Mediocre coaches. Everyone talks highly of Inzaghi. WHY? What the hell has he done? He has Lazio EXACTLY WHERE THEY BELONG! He hasn't overachieved. He hasn't done anything out of the ordinary. He is right there, where the expectations are. What the hell will he do with these players?! Nothing. Nothing differently. We'll be here again yet another year from now talking about the same shit with someone like Inzaghi as coach.